Imagine your Hue in a Chapel Pointe Condo!

When moving into a new condo, decorating and designing a huge new space can seem like a daunting task. Where does one even begin? Color of course! Picking the paint colors for each room sets the foundation for the look and feel of the space. With millions of different choices it can easily become an indecisive mind’s nightmare. Inspired by Better Home and Garden’s post Our Best Tips for Choosing and Using Color we have compiled a short list of tips when making the decision.

1)      Decide on the mood you want to set- The color you select is going to be what sets the mood and feel for the entire room. Do you want a calm, relaxChapel Pointe Condos, Pittsburgh, PAing space? Then perhaps a subdued sage is the right choice. A bright and fun space? A bright apple green may be a better fit.

2)      Start Collecting- You can get inspiration for color combinations anywhere. Keep any magazines, brochures, or even postcards that have a color combination or pattern that you really like. You can use these things later as insight when deciding on things like color or even wallpaper and furniture.

3)      Start with a Thing-Don’t begin your color hunt with a handful of paint chips. Rather, choose an actual item that has an appealing shade. It can be anything from a pillow to a coffee mug. Starting with an item is a much more engaging and inspiring way to pick the right color for you.

4)      Don’t Put Different Paint Samples Next to Each Other- Once you have a few samples of shades that you like put them at least 3 feet away from each other. Otherwise, your eyes will blend the colors together when looking at them. To truly envision a color in a room it needs to stand alone.

5)      Test the Paint in Different Spots- When using paint samples; paint both the lightest part of the room and the darkest. This will you give you a more accurate feel for what the color will look like in the space. As a rule of thumb, paint colors always look darker on the walls than they do in the can.

Hopefully these tips will make the color picking a much easier process. Don’t shy away from picking a color you want because you think it’s too bright, dark, etc. With the right furniture and décor, you can make any color work! And if you happen to have one of those classic “I loved this color in the can but I HATE it on my walls” moments, there is one beauty of painting; always the option to re-do.

We have a beautiful combination of colors and decor in our model units – come by and visit Chapel Pointe Condos! 


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